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What does the TT Club provide?

Classes are currently held in Boreham, Braintree and Felsted at various venues. 

We also attend schools, groups and council run sessions on a regular basis throughout the county.

The TT Club aims to provide a

fun, safe environment for children to explore, integrate and learn new and develop existing skillls and make new friends.                                 

All classes are taken by qualified coaches and children and parents are encouraged to be independent and use their imagination.

The Baby Gymnastics is availalbe for babies after their 6-8 week check and is a parent and baby class utilising the gymnastics and trampoling equipment within the club.



From walking, Pre-school gymnastics is a mixture of gymnastics and trampolining as a parent and toddler session where we have a different circuit each week and works on different areas of development, ie jumpting, levels, balance etc.  Pre-school children can explore the environment and get used the equipment and coaches within a safe environment and  these session prepare children to enter the structured coach led sessions to further their skills and development.

On turning 4 cildren are taken into structured classes which are coach led and parents are welcome to stay and watch in our designated viewing area or drop off their participating children.

These sessions are aimed at trampolining or gymnastics and children are welcome to attend either session or both classses if they wish to..

In gymnastics, children can work towards achieving a reward system of badges and certificates for 2-5 year olds and 5 years plus.  Skills to achieve these badges are worked on throughout the term and participants are afforded the opportunity of being assessed and passed on a termly basis.  Please note that badges are presented at an additional cost. 

We run squad level coaching for both gymnastics and trampolining and participants can attend for several hours per week to train at the correct level depending upon their ability.

We do also cater for special needs either on a 1:1 basis or wherever possible we mix within  mainstream classes.  Any child with Down's syndrome will need to be examined and signed off to participate by a doctor.  We are happy to liaise with physio, doctor, consultants etc wherever necessary to ensure we can maximise benefits or participation.

What level can gymnasts or trampolinists go up to?



Balance Beam

Children progress through from 45 minute session to hour and a half sessiosns which are all recreational based.  From here children are invited into squad training which is run on a Saturday afternoon for 3 hours and those who are particularly talented then progress though to 4- 12 hours per week..

We have entered and been successful with medals at all levels from both general and artistic compeitions with the boys and girls in the club.   We have also had children represent Essex at regional level and have won 3rd place in the Essex Schhols Floor and Vault Plate Final.


We have pre-school and recreational level trampolining at present.  We have a few children who compete at school level within trampolining competitions.


Sessions currently on hold to be re-started soonhopefully.

Club Rules & Starter Documents, Policies and Procedures

Full club rules are outined within our starter pack and our starter documentation for completion.  Please see the documents below for full details including payment terms,  term duration, fees and club rules.

Starter pack 2013

starter documents for completion

Freeshtyle Gymnastics / Adult Gymnastics

(Parbour / Free running / Tricking / Gymnastics)

A Level 2 qualifed coach will be starting sessions on a Thursday evening, 7.30 - 9.00 in freestyle gymnastics / adult gymnastics from June 2012.   We are currently taking interested participants onto a waiting list for these classes.

Freestyle gymnastics is a term adopted by British Gymnastics to describe a new and rapidly developing activity which incorporates aspects of other popular activities such as Parkour, Free Running, Tricking and Urban Gymnastics.

Information and enrolment sheet to speed up registration can be downloaded here.  FREESTYLE GYMNASTICS enrolment sheet


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