What is Tot Tastics?

What is Tot Tastics?

Gymnastics and movement classes for children

Tot Tastics was set up in October 2003 to deliver gymnastics and movement classes to children, regardless of ability, gender, class and race.  Due to the success of the club we started by running out of a village hall and within 12 months quickly outgrew this location and looked for a full time venue.  In April 2005 we moved to relocate to a unit in Braintree and have extended classes and expanded to provide a personal, educational, safe and inviting club for all children and adults to participate in.  Classes are kept small and coaches are qualified or working towards qualifications where appropriate

What are the benefits of a physical activity class for a child?

Trampolining and gymnastics and movement works on all the following areas to assist children to develop as a whole being through structured, fun activities:


SOCIAL – it helps children to understand socially acceptable behaviour, respect for other people, manners, sharing and waiting a turn. Co-operation and integration are encouraged at all times.

PHYSICAL – it contributes to the development of physical and motor skills It can lay the foundation for strength, endurance (muscular, respiratory, cardiovascular), agility, balance, flexibility, power, co-ordination, good posture and relaxation.

It also provides the child with the experience of managing their bodies with assurance and with a measure of success; body control, adaptability, coping with stress, monitoring a situation and responding to it, manual dexterity, improved accuracy, alertness, timing, ability to stop and start quickly, etc.

Childrens gymnastics

LINGUAL – it encourages the correct use of language when referring to skills, apparatus and motions, giving the children the opportunity to express their feelings and opinions.

INTELLECTUAL – it allows children the ability to think for themselves, to stimulate their imaginations and to solve problems safely.

CREATIVE – it gives children the opportunity to act out a creative theme, whether it be a fairy story, nursery rhyme or an everyday action such as things in the home, trip to the zoo, etc.

EMOTIONAL – it reinforces and enhances learning through the use of music, colours, numbers, shapes and vocabulary – beneath / behind, right / left, counting, etc.