Is there a waiting list for activities?

Is there a waiting list for activities?

Yes we already have children booked in for future classes on various activities when they become eligible and allocations will be made on a first come first served basis. Therefore if you have children and wish them to be allocated a place or your needs will change in the future and you will require different sessions, please let me know as soon as possible.

There is a cost of £20 per child to add them to the waiting list at all non-council run venues. If fees are not paid on time then their place will be offered to another child from the waiting list.  This £20 fee is returned if at least four weeks notice is given of an individual withdrawing from a place at then end of a term to enable the place to be offered to another individual from the waiting list.

Please note that waiting lists are not in existence on all activities at different locasions, certain activities have places available immediately to be taken up.

For all Council run locations being placed on the waiting list is free of charge.

Do you cater for children with special needs?

We do cater for children with special needs and currently have members within the club with various special needs ranging from learning disabilities though to cerabal palsy, autism and downs.  I am a fully qualified coach with BG to enable me to take children with any disability or special need at both gymnastics and trampolining

On accepting a child with special needs into main stream classes I assess the needs of any child and it would be decided whether we could integrate them within the existing class.  Child coach ratios would need to be adjusted to take account of any special needs children   It may also be necessary for a parent or carer to be present at all times to assist the coach and the child may need a doctors certificate to confirm they can participate in activities, depending on their disability.  We currently run gymnastic sessions for special needs children at Melbourne the first two Saturdays of every month from 5pm-6pm.  We also have a family fun session which caters for disabilites in Braintree on a Sunday from 2pm till 3pm.

We are also happy to attend any private functions or regular groups or schools or nurseries with special needs children on a regular or ad hoc basis.  We have equipment in a trailer which can be transported to different venues and can be hired along with coaches at an hourly rate.   We are also happy to start classes specifically for special needs children if sufficient places are taken which can be hosted at any of our locations or with us providing a service at any suitable hall or school or to take 1:1 lessons if appropriate. 

We are happy to take referrals within any class for children from medical personnel and funding may be available in some cases to enable participation.  We will certainly try our best to accommodate any child, taking into account individual circumstances.

Can you accommodate children’s parties?

Yes we are able to provide facilities at weekends or during the week for children’s parties.

Parties can be held at the Village Hall in Hatfield Peverel or Melbourne Athletics Park by prior arrangement and we can accommodate up to 15 children at a time to play for an hour on all apparatus, with the session to include a coach led warm up and cool down for all children. Depending on the age of the birthday child and invited children we can run a structured class, mother and toddler session or a mixed class. All the prices below are inclusive of equipment hire and the provision of coaches where necessary and the supply of the necessary number of invitations:

2 hours (up to 15 children)      £150 (non club members)

2 hours (up to 15 children)      £100 (club members)

Structured classes are coach led and all children attending must be 36 months or over. Mother and toddler sessions are for children from 6 weeksupwards and all children must be accompanied by a parent/carer at all times and the same applies to a mixed session. Parents may bring up two children at a time to mother and toddler or mixed sessions, although more children can be accommodated by prior arrangement.  Parents may bring only one child per parent/carer at Gymini Fun 4 Baby parties which generally last half and hour.

Do you deliver private lessons for schools or groups?

We are open to bookings from nurseries, ATCs, schools or toddler groups or any other private individuals for lessons either on our premises or we can attend site and deliver various lessons.  An example of places we have previously visited to deliver lessons are Barnes Farm School and we also offer regular one to one sessions for some adult training centres for adults with special needs,  We are open to booking for weekends or weekdays and prices are negotiable depends on the service and equipment required. 

I am also available for booking on a 1:1 basis for individuals wishing to progress skills.  Please ask.for prices and availability.

Can children attend more than one class per week?

Yes. If a child enjoys the activity they are welcome to attend more sessions and we currently have several children doing just that, often in different locations.  We also encourage children once they attain a higher level of performance to attend more than one lesson as increased participation brings far better results.  We have different levels at different locations to cater for all abilities.

Will you mentor coaches and can parents or volunteers help within classes?

Yes I am more than happy to mentor any coaches who are taking qualifications through British Gymnastics or need to clock up hours for volunteers within any classes.  Any individuals wishing to volunteer within classes are more than wolcome and will need to get a valid CRB cleared though Bitish Gymnastics prior to helping out where possible.

Can parents get more involved in the club?

Yes certainly. The club is run on a voluntary basis and if parents are interested in finding out more information in becoming more involved, please feel free to talk to me at any time. Any involvement and support from parents would be greatly appreciated.

As a Club Coach in various disciplinines I am happy to mentor  anybody who wishes to qualify to become an assistant or club coach and this is offered free of charge.

If you have any more questions or queries or wish to discuss anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact me either by phone or at one of our sessions. I will be happy to discuss anything with you pertaining to your child/ren or Tot Tastics or if you are interested in becoming involved in gymnastics further.

What are the club rules on behaviour, fees payment etc?

Please click on the link below to view the club rules which explain about suitable attire, jewellery, behaviour and the payment of fees.  These rules are printed on the back of the child record forms and parent/carers are expected to fill them in and sign their agreement to the rules along with permission for photographs and videos to be take and for medical treatment to be sought in the case of an accident.  The medical and photgraph consents are not compulsory however any child(drem) of a parent/carer failing to sign the record from will not be admitted to the club as these rules are for the safety of participants and coaches.

What are the future plans for the club?

On 25 April 2005 we moved into a unit at 85-91 East Street, Braintree near Freeport which has become a full time trampolining and gymnastics and movement venue.

It is my intention to at some point in the future dig a pit to put the trampoline into.  I also have plans to knock a door through into the reception area rather than opening the sliding doors in the winter along with enlarging the toilets to provide disability access.

We have received a lotter grant for £5,000 in November 2005 to enable us to put in electric heating which has now been done and to do the disability access.

We are also applying for an Essex Council Council grant for £9,000 to enable us to purchase more quipment to assist with the higher level gymnasts advancement as the current equipment is sometimes inadequate in some instances where older children and higher abilities require larger and more advanced items.  We have an international level coach joining us from January 2006 to implement lessons for advanced level girls and we are hoping the grant will enable the purchase of equipment to assist in our long term plan for these gymnasts advancement.

We are currently applying for grants to assist with some of these things, however other sources of funding would be welcomed so if you know of any companies who can offer sponsorship or donate materials or equipment or if you have any ideas for fund raising then please let me know, any ideas or assistance would be gratefully received

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