What does Tot Tastics provide?

What does Tot Tastics provide?

Classes are currently held in Chelmsford, Braintree, South Woodham Ferrers and Witham at various venues.  We also attend venues on a regular basis to attend various club and private gatherings on a regular basis throughout the county.

Tot Tastics aims to provide a fun, safe environment for children to explore, integrate and learn new skills.  All classes are taken by qualified coaches and children and parents are encouraged to be independent and use their imagination.

The Baby Gymnastics and pre-school gymnastics and trampolining aim to provide an environment for children to learn with parents in a fun atmosphere whilst socialising with other parents and children.  Children are welcome from 6 weeks upwards once they have had their 6-8 week check.  Any children with medical conditions, special needs or a disability may have to provide signed documentation confirming that they may participate.  These classes aim to promite a strong basis and foundation for going forwards into life with basic knowledge, skills and confidence. 

From approx 12 months (from when they are able to walk upwards) children are eligible to attend the pre-school classes.  All children below 36 months should be accompanied by an adult at all times and parents/carers are encouraged to join in activities and help the children to feel secure during all activities and older children wanting parent/carers to be present will be encouraged to integrate at their own pace.

On turning 4 (or based upon ability if children of 3 are capable) children are invited to join a structured group to progress their skills further and a coach will start to teach them the basic skills on all apparatus.  These classes work on two or three pieces of apparatus each week on a rotating basis and all skills are broken down to teach the basics through to more advanced skills.  All children are worked within a mixed class at their own level according to their abilities.

Long term it is hoped that children will progress from the 45 minute classes though to hour and half lessons and then be invited to come on a Saturday afternoon where children of various ages are working towards displays, compeitions and BG gradings.

All classes start with a group warm up to prepare bodies and minds for the class ahead.  Mothers and toddler can then go around and utilise all the equipment whilst supervised by a coach.  The older children will then be taken by a coach and rotated around the apparatus.  The class will then rejoin at the end for a cool down as a group.

In gymnastics, children can work towards achieving a reward system of badges and certificates for both 0-3 and 3-5 year olds and 5 years plus.  Skills to achieve these badges are worked on throughout the term and participants are afforded the opportunity of being assessed and passed on a termly basis.  Please note that badges are presented at an additional cost. 

Trampolining lessons are offered for pre-schhol age where we aim to teach spacial awareness, concentrationand confidence and basic skills.  On turning four they are able to attend sessions where we teach the basics and aim to progress though to more difficult skills with more able individuals.  The final bounce in each session is a fun bounce where we aim to teach how use the trampoline beds to work for the participant.  All classes are mixes ages and abilities includding special needs , school age and adults.

Martial Arts

Martial arts – Tae Kwondo classes are being held from after the October 2005 half term on a Tuesday evening between 7pm and 8.15pm and being run as a mixed session for children and adults to start with and participants with special needs and disabilities are also welcome.  They are taught by a fully qualified black belt instructor, Adam Thorne, an experienced comptition level martial artist with teaching experience who is also an Assistant Head at a Chelmsford senior school.  If you wish to register your interest in these classes please contact us.

Fighting Fit

Fighting Fit is our answer to all those adults who want to get back into shape and or just to keep those extra pounds at bay.  It is a fitness session based on Korean martial arts trainaing also taken by Adam Thorne which will also be on a Tuesday evening at 8.30pm to 9.30pm.  This session is open to adults only and if you wish to register your interet in this class please contact us.

What level can gymnasts or trampolinists go up to?

It is intended that children join in the 45 sessions and work towards attending the hour and a half session, however several children, where appropriate have come straight into the hour and a half sessions on both the Thursday and Friday.  From this hour and a half session it is then the intention that when they are ready to work to work towards a higher level they can come into the Saturday afternoon session.

We have a Saturday afternoon session for children who the Club Coach thinks are capable for working towards competition level within gymnastics.  This group of children came together when we moved in April 2005 and are aiming to be competing in 2006 and range in age from 6 through to 12 however this is based upon ability and not on age.  Boys and girl train within this session and split to work on individual apparatus with coaches after the warm up with conditioning lessons taken as a mixed group.

We are unable to offer competition level trampolining at present however this could change in the future as participants get to a higher standards.

Do you run activities in the school holidays?

We do run activities throughout school holidays. As a general rule we run our normal weekly classes throught school holidays and siblings are welcome along at a cost of £1 each per class if they want to join in if appropriate.  We run structured camps for children of 4 plus on a Wednesday throughout the holidays between 10.30am and 3.30pm. These sessions utilise all apparatus and incorporate games and fun activities to further children’s skills. Places are limited and children from outside the club are welcome to come on these events so friends and family members are encouraged to join in however as places are limited spaces do need to be booked and paid for in advance.  The cost of the day sessions is £20 per child and they need to bring plenty of snacks and juice and a packed lunch.  Please note that all spaces booked must be paid for in advance to secure a place and if the child does not attend then refunds will not be given.

Who runs Tot Tastics?

Club Coach

Tot Tastics was set up by myself, Elise Filby. I am 32 years old, a registered childminder and a mother of two children of 7 and 5 myself, as well as being a former gymnast and coach of school age and pre-school children. I live in Hatfield Peverel, am well known in the village and have a good reputation as a childminder and relate well to children.

Having taken the decision to attend a pre-school class on a regular weekly basis with my two children, I found the nearest reputable club to be some 25 miles away. I therefore decided to qualify and set up my own club to provide this valuable service to other parents and carers and open up an exciting world to local children as there is nothing similar within the local area.

I noticed a marked improvement in my children’s co-ordination and general fitness from attending the classes and would recommend that all children are given the opportunity of attending classes, where they can gain valuable skills to take through into later life.

I put myself on the relevant courses with British Gymnastics and volunteered at a local gymnastics club catering for older children to gain experience whilst qualifying to teach pre-school age children.

Copies of my qualification certificates can be seen, please ask you are interested which are as follows:.

Fun 4 Baby

Assistant Pre-School

Club Coach Pre-School

Assistant General

Club Coach General


Trampolining Coach

GMPD Trampolining

Mike Cole – Mike is the father of a training gymnast and assists with the class on a Saturday afternoon.  He joined in April 2005 and has fast become involved within the class and shown his willingness to assist the gymnastics and it is hoped that in the course of learning techniques and coaching that he will continue on to qualify to Assistant level.  Mike holds a current valid Criminal Records Bureau Check.

Anna Simpson – Anna is the mother of two club members and assists in the Fri 4pm class.  She is a registered childminder and holds a current valid Criminal Records Bureau Check and has shown enthusiasm for getting involved and learning coaching techniques and will hopefully go on to qualify to assistant level.

Jill Jeans – Jill is the mother of a squad member gymnast and assists on a Saturday afternoon class.  She is a keen and competitve parent and also assist with administration within the club.

Bev Trew- Bev is the mother of three club members who all train at the Saturday afternoon sesson and qualified to Assistant level many years ago.  She is now keen to get more involved and brush up on her coaching techniques.

Hailey – Hailey is a college student who is undertaking voluntary hours as part of her college course and assists on a Wednesday with trampolining lessons and on a Friday with gymnastic lessons.  It is her aim to go on to qualify to teach trampolining and to hopefully remain with the club after her required hours are completed.