What Linux commands do you need to know when using the VPS (VDS)?

What Linux commands do you need to know when using the VPS (VDS)?

The configuration of VPS (VDS) servers can be difficult for people who work with it for the first time. Such servers give the roots, in other words, you need to configure everything yourself. Today’s article is going to be about popular Linux commands and can be useful for many people. 

Of course, we can list all commands there but we have collected the most important ones, which can help you with easy server configuration. By the way, the VPS in Russia https://host-world.com/russia is the most convenient for your needs. 

  1. WHEREIS. This command shows you the path to the executable file or different sources on the program;
  1. DATE. The easiest command that prints the date and time to standard. It can be in any format: display the year, month, day, can set 12 or 24-hour format, get seconds or week numbers. Choose that you need;
  1. ALIAS. It can format the names of your most-used commands. For example, if you need to shorten the name, use Alias. You also can create new commands or groups of them;
  1. SLEEP. An interesting command that allows you to switch off the computer after the specified time. It can be useful if you work for a long time and go sleep, forgetting about the device; 
  1. SU / SUDO. They are the same command. They allow the program to run as another user. Su switches you to a different user, while Sudo only runs the command as another user;
  1. PASSWD. This simple command lets you change the password. It is necessary to change it as often as possible for security;
  1. USERADD / USERDEL / USERMOD. These commands are used for adding and changing the user’s accounts. 
  1. NETHOGS. Do you want to know how much traffic each program in Linux takes? Use its command. 

There are many different commands but we can’t list them all. If you don’t want to configure the VPS yourself, pay attention to the https://host-world.com/, which provides the best help in any problem.

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